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Multi-award winning behaviour-shaping communications & training

People don’t always do what they say they will. In fact, they often don’t even do what they think they will. Why? Because people aren’t always rational when they make decisions; instinct, emotions and biases get in the way.

Behavioural science is the understanding of what makes people tick. We help our clients to apply it and the power of nudge theory to create engaging, informative, effective communications programmes that trigger positive decisions and meaningful behavioural change.

Creative Start-Up of the Year for the South West at the National Start-Up Awards 2022, Women Who Do Small Business 2022.

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Messy Notes from Nudgestock '23

Messy Notes from Nudgestock '23

17th July 2023

Just over a week since Nudgestock ’23, and Founder of Copy & TV, Claire, is stealing a moment while her husband and 1-year-old eat a messy breakfast to write down the messy thoughts still rattling around her messy noodle.

Can Behavioural Science improve Men’s Mental Health?

Can Behavioural Science improve Men’s Mental Health?

1st December 2022

The month of International Men’s Day and Movember may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean talking about men’s mental health has to be. Here are just a few ways behavioural science has been used to support men through various campaigns, all year round. 

Copy & TV: Creative StartUp of the year 2022

Copy & TV: Creative StartUp of the year 2022

30th June 2022

At the beginning of March, we put ourselves forward to be considered for the Creative StartUp of the year, as part of the StartUp Awards National Series. Four weeks later, we found out that we’d been shortlisted in the category, along with 4 other businesses in the South West. On 28th June, we were named the Creative StartUp of the year in the South West. As you can imagine, we’re pretty thrilled.

Keeping on top of your taxes one nudge at a time

Keeping on top of your taxes one nudge at a time

5th April 2022

It’s the end of the tax year, so in the spirit of the season, we’ve looked into how nudges have been used to improve tax compliance around the world. Taxes aren’t typically the most exciting subject, and so it’s easy for people to overlook them due to the formal language used and the complexities involved. The problem is that they’re incredibly important, and not keeping on top of your taxes can land you in some pretty deep water. 

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