Copy & TV: Creative StartUp of the year 2022

Copy & TV: Creative StartUp of the year 2022

At the beginning of March, we put ourselves forward to be considered for the Creative StartUp of the year, as part of the StartUp Awards National Series. Four weeks later, we found out that we’d been shortlisted in the category, along with 4 other businesses in the South West. On 28th June, we were named the Creative StartUp of the year in the South West. As you can imagine, we’re pretty thrilled.

To be shortlisted, and then to win this award means a lot to us, as we wholeheartedly believe in the good that Behavioural Science (BeSci) can achieve, for individuals and communities, when we use it to encourage positive decisions through our communications. To be recognised for the work we do on a regional and national level is both rewarding and motivating as after only two short years in business, we scale up our services to meet the needs of our clients.   

With a festival-themed ceremony, complete with food trucks and a photobooth, the team had a brilliant night celebrating the win alongside all the other shortlisted businesses. The whole night got us excited about Ideas Fest, 2 days of conversations with founders, change-makers, disruptors and business leaders from across the United Kingdom at it's own festival. Watch this space for our review! 

Our place in the BeSci world

BeSci is having a moment. Made trendy by bestsellers like ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’, brands and banks apply it to improve experiences, charities use it to fundraise and grow awareness, and central and local governments draw on it to inform policy. The words ‘Hands Face Space’ rang through every household in 2020, bringing it into the consciousness of the public like never before. But the world of BeSci is a heavily gate-kept space – most commonly, it’s only the academic route which will lead to a foot in the door. But in our view, this cuts out every talented creative without a BeSci background – no matter how keen they are to learn on the job.  

Our company purpose, beyond prompting positive decision-making, is to make breaking into creative behavioural science significantly more accessible and inclusive than it currently is. After all, the more creatives capable of applying psychology ethically to the way they develop communications, the better the outcomes for everyone.

Our vision: expand the space – there’s room for us all

This is why we’re designing our first internship programme to improve access to opportunities for any creative with talent, application and interest in BeSci. Our package of professional and personal development support will complement our ambitions to democratise and share our knowledge by offering a work-based and online programme, removing barriers for those without formal education or financial backing. 

Our team’s track record of award-winning training and applying BeSci to improve behavioural outcomes, reduce risk and create cost efficiencies at scale means we’re well placed to offer practical internships to professional development schemes in finance, education and beyond. For now, we’re in planning mode, but not for long – as our business grows in response to the increasing demand for BeSci-informed communications, we’ll work hard to bring talented creatives along the journey with us.

We’re so proud of the Copy & TV team who have helped us to get this far.

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